Thursday, September 1, 2016

A First Day Without You

Posted by Blue Rose at 7:44 AM
Do you remember the last rain that pouring down, marked that spring has come to end? The riots thunder roaring through the dark night and there seems to be nonstopping. But the night goes through and the rain drizzling. And through the dark night, through the tumbling lightning, I know that outside, once the rain slow down, stars sparkling up and moon shines it's way. In that chaos moment, I saw you as the candle that light up my night. As I carefully try to cover the light from the whispering wind.

Do you remember, a year come to end and another drizzling rain start to pour down? That time, I also thought that, "Ahh, that's it. This spring has again come to end". And I remember as i sit down on the long bench with heart full of hopes. Waiting for my summer sun to shine. But then again, through the calming rain of the end of spring, I saw my candle lighting up my dim night. For a moment, I was sure that this will go through.

Do you remember, when the year again come to an end, marking an upcoming hellish summer. Through that night, I remember seeing you standing on the stage. As I hold my tears up, as I put my hearts toward other. As I wish that the candle's fire will burn my memories of you. But you come with another candle, knowing that mine is slowly gone. I thought that you'll give it to someone else, and I never feel so blessed, as you offer it to me.

Another spring now has come, and the summer is yet to begin. The passing years make me realize, how every time different things happened, and I can't predicted of what yet will come. So, this year again, I'm still holding up my candle, slowly blowing off. Whenever I see it, i think, that whenever the time will come of it to die, I'll just buy myself a new one. But, as i can't ever predicted the upcoming summer, a little bit of pieces on my heart, hope that you will again give me yours, once again.

But, I guess this year will be different.

And I don't know how much you can hear my whisper.

But, I missed you. I wish you know, I hope you'll know.

For those who have been my candle for three years, lighting up my dim night, thank you. However the way I will get my new candle, either it's from you, a candle that I bought myself, or if someone offer up a better candle, I hope, I wish, I will be able to receive it full heartedly.

I Miss You


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