Monday, May 16, 2016


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I’m the falling Icarus
Falling through your heart
And I can’t ask you to open it wide
Since I’ll be death and burned

When I first awaken I saw you
Those shining mega creature
I’m blinded, my heart is blinded
I wanted to reach you and only you

But my dad say it’s dangerous
Love will burn you to death
There are no good things come from that
But dear it’s too late for I’ve fallen for you

I’m the burning Icarus
Escaping from the labyrinth to your heart (to where?)
But to where actually I’m escaping? (it’s your heart)
For I’m dying, burned by your love (darling i’m burned)

They said I should reached my dream sky high (what dream?)
So even my dad said you’re unreached, I’ll reach you
My darling help me I’m so blinded by you (do I even have eyes still?)
But all you do is burning me alive

I’m the Icarus
With fake wings I try my hardest to reach you (such an agony)
Even for thousands years Icarus will wait (will you wait?)
Untill the sun cool down so I can reach you (even in afterlife)

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