Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Lost Symphony

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As night turns down
And the nightingale begins to hums
The dear sunlight, took the gown
And dance slowly as the sky bumps

Can you hear the moonlight soothing?
A sonata once was played
But the eyes seek nothing
No longer as the debt paid

Incomplete songs and innocent souls
Bothered by the birds wings flap
Rain started to drips on my morning bowls
Though the morning no longer wake up

Dear sunlight the songs is incomplete
The night has flown and i no longer seek your eyes
A praying that were told every bit
Now is just stars amidst the skies

Pieces of my orchestra that's no longer here
As it runs through maze -- now it lost
One day, through the maze, i wish i could find my way there
To the place that you will miss the most, my lost symphony

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