Thursday, July 31, 2014

"I'm really afraid of dying"

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"Don't" He said. His eyes staring at the sky blankly. I can't barely read his emotion.

"Why so?" I asked, not quite sure if i really need explanation.

"You know, things about dying is, it only hurts for awhile. But after that, it's a totally worth it pain. You live eternally after that. No pain could ever kill you ever again. It might hurt, but you'll never death again because of it. That's what all human have wished for right? For being unable to be killed? But, when the chance come, human mostly afraid of it."

I turned my head to him.

"Why do you guys so afraid of dying then? There's nothing to miss." He asked. His hands were playing between the grass.

I slipped my fingers in between his hands.

Of course there are lots to miss. His soft touch. His warm breath. His beautiful eyes.

I rolled and cuddled next to him. He took off his hands from mine and caressing my hair while breathing slowly.

"and I'll missed this too."

"You're right." I reached for his hips, wanting to have him on my hugs.

"There's nothing to miss."


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