Saturday, August 8, 2015

[UPDATES] on 30 days challenge and some "poetic" (hopefully?) rant

Posted by Blue Rose at 6:46 AM 0 comments
I don't know if anyone even read my blog...
I guess there are none...
Well, I'll just consider this talking to myself then *yeah*

About 30 days challenge... i guess I'll have to push it way back. Hopefully *pretty please* it'll happen around November, around with the second round with NaNoWriMo. Because of "things" that happened on my real life, I've been trying to stay away from internet life as much as i could. But, I guess I need to comeback here pretty soon, hopefully all mind-set, not only for fun, but for "mature" stuff. Hopefully. Considering that I want to be a writer very much, I need to train myself hard. And also hopefully, I can find myself a community in which my writing can be read by other and be appreciated.



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