Sunday, February 28, 2016

Forever Sometimes

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Nowadays when i stay low
And listen as the ground shout
I can hear those reaching to the sky and scream
Those who begs for love
Desperately under the miserable clouds
But why sometimes, I wonder
No matter how loud they scream
No answer can be heard
So i stay low and wonder
Can ever the most admirable love be achieved?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Don't Get Too Close, It's Dark Inside

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It's where my demon hide.
- Demons, Imagine Dragons

Definition (and lack of) Happiness

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I just want to say that I'm sorry. For all the trouble and misery I've put you into. Never in my mind that I meant it at all. You know, sometimes a mother need to scold her child so they know what they did is wrong. Life is hard, but we'll go through this.

We'll reach heaven (hopefully) eventually.


Yours Pathetic.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


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I couldn't stop crying. No matter how hard I try. This is just too painful. Life is too painful. I have to make decision but there are no decision to be made. I have to stand up but there are nothing to stand up for. I have to fall in love, but no one seems to worth my love, yet. Anyway, if I do fall in love, it still means nothing if no one fall in love to me too. Even though someone did fall in love with me, still suck if he doesn't deserve it. It's too tiring. And I can't stop crying.

Apa yang Ku Rindukan?

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Aku rindu tersenyum
Seperti sudah seabad tidak
Rindu sekali menjadi hangat
Tertawa pada candaan sekecil apapun

Sekarang aku hanya bisa menangis
Berteriak dalam diam
Lalu tidur sambil berharap sakitnya kan hilang
Apa gunanya jika aku bangun hanya merasakan lebih sakit

Aku ingin pulang
Tapi aku sudah di rumah
Aku masih mau hidup sungguh
Walau hati ini sangat lelah

Aku ingin dipeluk tapi kau jauh
Ingin mendekat tapi aku tak mampu
Hanya bisa berdoa, tapi hati ini tetap sakit
Jadi, aku menangis lagi dalam diam

Apakah aku sendiri? Tidak
Tapi begitulah rasanya
Ingin sekali berteriak
"Kau tidak pernah tahu seperti apa rasanya menjadi diriku"

Mau tidur
Tapi aku takut mimpi buruk
Lalu sakit yang datang setelahnya

Ingin tetap terbangun
Tapi sakit
Ingin kabur dalam tidur
Tapi takut

Entah harus apa
Mungkin aku kurang shalat malam

Aku rindu
Tanpa tahu harus bagaimana

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Under the Star Capacity

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I remember once when I told you
"I'll do anything for you"
"Cross the sea, through the storms, over the dessert"
But really, who am I to say that?
For when it's raining now and I'm here
Standing under the umbrella to keep me dry
I missed you so much that I'll do everything to meet you
I'll walk thousands miles
Through time and spaces
Over the infinite possibility
But really, I'm just sitting here
Watching to your window
Wishing you'll peek through with your sweet smiles
And moreover
Under the umbrella
It's only a rain darling
I missed you

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