Saturday, August 8, 2015

[UPDATES] on 30 days challenge and some "poetic" (hopefully?) rant

Posted by Blue Rose at 6:46 AM
I don't know if anyone even read my blog...
I guess there are none...
Well, I'll just consider this talking to myself then *yeah*

About 30 days challenge... i guess I'll have to push it way back. Hopefully *pretty please* it'll happen around November, around with the second round with NaNoWriMo. Because of "things" that happened on my real life, I've been trying to stay away from internet life as much as i could. But, I guess I need to comeback here pretty soon, hopefully all mind-set, not only for fun, but for "mature" stuff. Hopefully. Considering that I want to be a writer very much, I need to train myself hard. And also hopefully, I can find myself a community in which my writing can be read by other and be appreciated.


Recently, I was assigned as a photographer for an event at college. No, I don't have that photography background nor I love doing it and I bet I'm not doing well on it while my friends pretty much consider me just being lazy. But, I actually found a things more than just pressing the shutter button.

So, one day I took a picture on an evening. The sun was just about to set and it was pretty much oranges everywhere. Then, in just about count of minutes, the light set off, but it was pretty bright still, but on my camera its dark already.

I don't know, I consider it very amazing. Working with camera has allow me to see not just "through the lens" but to see on other's point of view. It has allow me to see what it feels like on being this person, seeing this and that. It makes me to understand how those person see this and that. How everyone have different of way of seeing the same thing.

It might sound exaggerating, but for me, being a photographer is really more than just playing with camera and effect. It is also to understand, what would someone like to see in this kind of scenery? Being understand that, then, press the shutter button.

Therefore, for me, taking a same picture of a same scenery should have different outcome on each photographer.

I'm really thankful that I have this opportunity. A photographer has to not only taking the picture, but deliver all the feeling the scenery want to give and able the understand how would someone see it through their eyes.

Some people might say that i "take it way too much on my heart" but well, if i can control it well, why not?


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